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Basal body temperature thermometers are marketed and sold specifically for women trying to get pregnant. While charting your basal body temperature (BBT) is a good way to track ovulation, one of the biggest benefits to this method is the low expense.

Key Features:
● Digital BBT thermometers frequently have memory recall. This means you don’t have to record your temp first thing in the morning. You can just turn the thermometer back on to get the last recorded temp.
● Easier to handle
● An accuracy to one-tenth of a degree.
● Batteries must be replaced frequently. As batteries weaken, readings may be inaccurate.
● Helps in conception by determining the right time of ovulation through body temperature.


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What is Ovulation and why is it important when trying to get pregnant?

Ovulation happens in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Ovulation indicates that the egg is about to be released from the ovary. Once the egg is released, it starts the journey down the fallopian tube. 24-48 hours after ovulation is the most fertile time of your cycle. This is the best time for conception. So you can see how important it is when trying to conceive to know your ovulation date.

How can the digital basal thermometer Help?

The Fairhaven digital basal thermometer is designed for fertility charting for women trying to conceive. It will pinpoint with enormous accuracy, your ovulation date. The thermometer allows you to chart and store your temperatures within 1/100th of a degree Fahrenheit. It includes digital memory recall and a peak temperature indicator for added accuracy and consistency.

Tips on how to get pregnant

If you have irregular periods, then you can try the Fairhaven Fertilaid for Women and OvaBoost For Women. These are both natural fertility supplements, fully imported from the USA which will help with overall fertility and in particular are very effective for regulating menstrual cycle.

Key Features

  • Easy to read digital display window
  • Reads to 1/100th of a degree Fahrenheit
  • Sounds when it reaches peak temperature
  • Digital memory recall for last reading

Pack includes:

  • Re-useable digital basal thermometer
  • Replaceable battery
  • Clear storage case
  • Ovulation charts
  • Instructions leaflet


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